Clinical Models for Group Insurance Underwriting

Help your life, long term disability (LTD) and medical stop loss underwriters set premium rates with TruRisk clinical statistical models.

TruRisk calculates clinical factors and cost estimates for use in group insurance products. TruRisk can help your underwriters make more accurate pricing decisions. We can identify low risk groups that you can safely discount, and high-risk groups that should have their premiums raised. We have a 15+ year history of lowering loss ratios. Let us show you a high ROI, for only modest initial and ongoing expenditures.

TruRisk, LLC is a health care data research and development company established in 1998. We are an American based company supporting insurer's, employers and other businesses utilizing health care data. We offer management consulting services tailored to meet the changing needs of organizations that use these data in their business decisions. We provide clinical and demographic risk adjustment to assist in financial, marketing, administrative, and performance improvement processes. We use the power of these collected data to build unique models to meet the needs of your organization.

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